Niles and Frazier Crane once described the perfect dinner as one in which the cusine was impeccable, the wine exquisite, the ambiance nonpareil, with one little glitch with the wait staff that they could “pick at” all night.  The Kenya Task force has come up with an idea that is perfect by my definition.  It is most excellent but it has one little glitch that I can pick on so it makes me happy.

It is a great idea.  You hook up with “Joyful Response” an LCEF opportunity where they take out a certain amount of money from your “Steward Account” each month and send it 50/50 to Project 24 and the Mary Okeyo Scholarship fund.  You get to decide how much to take out monthly by deciding which one of the “Big Five” to designate.  There is a certain amount for an elephant, and a lion, a buffalo, a rhino and a cheetah. So what is the little “glitch”?  The cheetah is not one of the Big Five – the leopard is and so I get to tell eveyone about my encounter with a leopard.  You can read all about it on the January 15 and 21 blogs from 2012.

Anyway give Bill Sharpe a call at the North Dakota District Office in Fargo and ask for a brochure, 701-293-9001.  This is a joint North Dakota and Minnesota North Project.