MissionPrayer Requests for Summer 2011                     

Pray for the Lutheran Church Mission of Uganda as they deal with struggles within the church leadership.

Pray for the Gillards as they minister to the Southern Sudan and Sudanese budding churches.

Pray for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya as they prepare for the elections of new officers.

Pray for the ELCK as it seeks to help the thousands fleeing famine and flooding refugee camps.

Pray for those at Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. The camp is built for 90,000 people. Right now, more than 370,000 people are living in Dadaab with 1,300 new arrivals each day. LCMS World Relief and Human Care have sent aid because of the generosity of people like us. (see www.northerncrossingsmercy.org July 15.

Pray for the Lutheran churches in the Horn of Africa where it appears that 12 million people will suffer from famine.

Pray for God to open our hearts even in the midst of a bad economy to realize that we have been blessed to be blessings.

From the Mission Board of First Lutheran Grand Rapids Minnesota – I like…  As Pastor Demuth wrote – It is a good way to focus our prayers.

First Lutheran In Grand Rapids