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In my first blog I wrote

Up North, where you might see the Northern Lights, we are hoping to give glimpses of God’s light shining in our hearts as we “live together as Christ’s people”. We hope to hear from those people in the months and years ahead as paths “cross” and partnerships are formed and we witness, show mercy and share our “life together” in Christ.

The weather channel said that the Northern Lights were visible quite away to the South last night.  I missed them because we were overcast.  I have seen them often up here in this part of the world and they always instill in me a sense of awe.  One night driving through Northern Minnesota home they accompanied me the whole way.  I tried to get a picture of them but never could.  My friend Karla Carter took this picture up in Alaska of the lights and I hope see doesn’t mind my using it here.  This is a song I wrote about those lights.  It is really a Christmas song but I hope you enjoy.  The Northern lights and the members of the body of Christ that share this part of the world should make us “search our lives for miracles that happen every day”.