I was just looking at a list of ingathering items that a certain non-profit organization would like to have and the long lists of do’s and don’t as to how to package, wrap and send the gathered items.  There seems to be a lot of nit picking there.  All these little rules and regulations that I am sure we need to get these things where they are to go.  I get that but all in all it seems rather “ungrateful” and petty.
Contrast that with Maryann Anderson who is often on these pages.  She needs yarn and she needs hats and mittens and I don’t know how she keeps the emergy to do what she does.  Here she is – can you help her?  Remember she is tryong to do work on the Reserve at Standing Rock.
We are heading to Mn. in a couple hours to pick up 100 knitted hats from a friend that has NimbleFingers on the Prairie.  A nonprofit that trys to put hats and mittens on the youth of West Central Mn. who can not afford it.  They made over 1,000 this year and had these left over to help me.  Those plus what I get made will go first to the shelters and next to the 243 homeless youth in the Bismarck/Mandan area.  Know any way of making more of us knitter and crocheters!!!!!!!!!  (Laura has a friend from Kansas that is also knitting and sending up beautiful hats and mittens.  These we will put in the Christmas bags that we give out to the women and children.)   Any extra odds and ends of yarn would also be useful.  They do not have to be full skeins.
 If you have immediate questions my cell is 701-391-2483.  Thanks for caring for this cause.
Living in His grace,
Mary Ann