Stuart Varney used this phrase today in a voice that exhibited his stunned understanding that a guy with a set of car keys and two knives can bring a modern cosmopolitan city to a stand still and raise all kinds of havoc.  It seems impossible but the underlying politics that allow things like this are even more stunning.  Two young men 17 and 18 posing as freshman in high school can bring a city to turmoil and raise all kinds of hell with a school system, but even worse, rape a 14 year old and get what seems to be sympathy from a whole lot of people who should know better.  The underlying politics seems to be that they were illegals and therefore have the right to more protection and understanding than their victim.  Why that could be can only be explained by a sad reading of the environment that says that whatever frustrates the folks that pay the bills and obey the laws and actually make things work must be opposed by the folks on the left because they, the law abiding folks, are the problem.  The folks who get angry when illegals without drivers license run into their new cars are racist.  When moms and dads whose children are sodomized by illegals are angry they are called vengeful.  When the primary reason that a government exists is turned on its head and the people who foot the bill for that government get angry and go to the polls to change things we, the people, must be opposed at every point because we are not enlightened enough “get it”.  Please notice that all the yammering, angry, frustrated stars and songsters and TV personalities that preach to us get angry with us for what we SAY, but they will excuse and exonerate others for what they DO.

I have run two stories together here.  One is about a British born ISIS wannabe, if the reports hold up, and the other is about illegal aliens allowed to pretty much do what they want.   But there are three questions that haunt me when I think of them.

  1.  What would Winston Churchill, who called Islam the “most retrograde force in the world” do today.
  2.   Is that statement why his bust was taken out of the Oval Office 7 or 8 years ago and only recently put back?
  3.   The little girl who was raped in Maryland, if she is able emotionally to ever go to school again – will she be required to undergo another anti-bullying class?