I remember that Dan Quayle was not a popular pick for the media or the left in his day.  Selected to be Vice- President he was prejudged to be stupid.  If you do not think that the media (most of them) have a common playbook you need to see the number of times they not only use the same words to describe people or events, but the same phrases.  Often times there is one word that is repeated ad nauseum to a point where it confirms the old statement that “repeat a word a hundred times and you will own it”.  The word in Dan Quayle’s day was “gravitas”.  There are some radio commentators that have sound bites of those days from all the big networks, CNN, NPR etc, the usual suspects, and if you play them all one after another they have to be divided up  by a commercial break.

Gravitas, means to be serious and sensible and dignified etc.  The picture should be that someone with gravitas draws others to himself by his influence like a planet’s mass causes a gravitational effect that draws into it’s orbit smaller satellites.  Gravitas should be attractive and of course to the media, he wasn’t,

Today the entertainment industry does the same thing with words.  They fasten onto one, probably one they have never heard before and then pound it into the ground.  Last weeks word was “feckless” used by comediennes  to rather pornographically attack the First Lady and her daughter.  Feckless is a great word.  It means, useless · worthless · incompetent · inefficient · inept · good-for-nothing · ne’er-do-well · lazy · idle · slothful · indolent · shiftless · spiritless · apathetic · aimless · unambitious; you get the drift.

There is a precedent that one might want to use the word in context and with an understanding of what it means.  Just because it is euphonious and the alliteration will work well with another “f” word that they love to use, does not mean that it works.  The Trump women may be many things, but feckless is not among them.

So to the foul mouthed so called entertainers and to the feckless press that covers them,  I would propose a new word that hopefully you will take to heart and pound into the ground until it works.  Your positions in society should call for some kind of balance and at least the appearance of fairness and since none of that is exhibited we await your resipiscence.