rosa-filming-INIt started the year I was born and ran for 36 years.  Our church body and then the Lutheran Laymen’s League sponsored the Television program called “This is the Life” which gave a start to many Hollywood actors and a platform for a view of Christian faith, morality, and problem solving. The grey haired gentleman on the right is Rev. Dr. Ardon Albrecht.  He worked on the television series as director for years.  I met him in California back in the World Relief and Human Care days when we toured the work done at the Northridge Fire in Los Angeles.  Dr. Albrecht was also a missionary for years in Taiwan.  He has taken his last shot at directing a production called “The First Rosa. The film tells the story of the life of Dr. Rosa Jinsey Young, known as “the mother of black Lutheranism in Alabama,” in the early years of the 20th century.

Albrecht spoke about Rosa in and interview with Erik Lunsford for the LCMS Reporter.  “I had spent my early ministry as a missionary in Taiwan, so I knew missionary achievement when I saw it,” he said. “But never had I heard of a missionary establishing 30 Lutheran schools and 35 chapels. That’s what Rosa Young did, not to mention the role she played in the founding of Concordia College Alabama.”

Albrecht’s daughter is Kim Vieker who served with me during the World Relief and Human Care days.  She learned something on those T.V. sets.  She put pancake makeup on me when I was filmed for a video on mercy.  It didn’t do any good, but she knows her way around a production studio.  (

Anyway tomorrow night at Zion English Lutheran in Grafton beginning at 7 pm we will watch the Rosa movie and have a prayer service.  You are invited.