I went to Nairobi the first time after the embassy bombings long ago that foreshadowed the 911 bombing here.  The Kenyans were proud of how they had comeback from that attack and how the site was a part and peaceful place to visit and contemplate life and peace etc.  I woke this morning to see the news that a hotel had been attacked again and 15 people were killed.  This is very sad and I pray for my friends there as well as our workers.  Sadly there is terrorism going on in many places in the country side as well that never gets reported and some places that are simply called “no go” zones.

The Kenyans are marvelous folks and very proud of their beautiful country.  The Kenyan church is moving ahead and doing great work among its own and mission work as well.  The militant fundamentalist terrorists are around and operating in many places but we never hear about it here because we are busy debating the morality of a wall and whether or not shaving cream can make us more “non-toxic”.  Every time I hear about issues that develop in other countries I have to stop and realize how silly we are.  We may be a great country and I love America but we are a silly people and the folks we hire to govern are silly too.

We call a wall “immoral” and yet we want to send millions of dollars to poor countries to pay for abortion there.

We argue over the “propriety” of feeding hamburgers to college football teams that visit the White House and the relative taste of Christmas decorations.  I remember a White House that had condoms decorating one tree and somehow that was considered de rigueur while some red trees in another White House were referred to as the forest of death.

How long the Gillette circus will continue is uncertain.  My impression is that the message sent from the ad is that “the best a man can get” is to be a women.  There may be some anger in the ad about Barbeque and wrestling with your friends but other than that the whole thing is so opaque it makes the definition of advertising turn on its head.

The fact that we are talking about these things while caravans are moving, Shabab is active and I just heard that ISIS attacked some of our folk in Syria is sad.   Britain is literally coming unglued and the great example of what all of us would be if Gillette gets it’s way – Macron – is hanging on by the skin of his teeth while African countries are under an Islamization plan and we argue endlessly about whether the Chief Executive of our nation can fire people who work for him.

Silliness can be a sign of success.  Banana Republic leaders can afford to be frivolous and loose with money, but they cannot afford to be silly.  Folks under the threat of death from civil war and chaos cannot afford to be silly.  Maybe the grace God shed on our land has made us silly and it is sad.  We have so much we can actually spend time and effort and treasure on worrying about the host of the Academy Awards and virtue signaling, and toxic masculinity, and what percentage of DNA makes us whatever it is we want to be.  In the meantime we might want to spend some time praying for the Word of God to speed on and conquer.