mysteryThere are a lot of mysteries out there.  One is why is it that when the President goes over seas and speaks at a news conference we can’t hear the question and often can’t hear the answers either.  Some think it is a conspiracy.  I think it is incompetence but that makes it more mysterious. d After all these years they still can’t get it right.  It is a mystery that a news gathering organization would surround their anchors and guests in the middle of a serious discussion, with idiots and freaks that mug and take selfies in the background, like clowns at a circus, but that is the curmudgeon coming out.

Many questions arise in the last paragraph on the blog concerning Lyle Niemann.  There are secrets and there are mysteries.  Clarification may be needed.  The writers of New Testament do not just use this term for that which is beyond normal human understanding, but for that which is hidden from all human perception and knowledge , no matter how acute and refined, like the real presence of Christ’s body and blood in the Eucharist. It deals with what is unseen because it is not temporal but eternal (2 Cor 4 :18). The mystery of the Christian faith has to do with what Luther calls, “the theology of the cross”  God hidden and revealed in what is contrary to him, the human nature, weakness, suffering, and folly of the
incarnate, crucified and yet exalted Son of God (“Heidelberg Disputation,” Luther’s Works and translated by Harold J. Grimm, Muhlenberg 31, edited Press: Philadelphia, 1957, 52 354.