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St Marks in Benson Minnesota is a beautiful church.  I have never been there but I have seen their website.  Check it out www.stmarksbenson.com, and you get a glimpse of a beautiful sanctuary.  The beautiful sanctuary was pretty much covered with quilts much like Trinity in Drayton ND was a few weeks ago.

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I recently wrote a rather facetious article about quilts that some misunderstood.  I probably should have given background to my snarky attitude and that was the idea that seems to be developing out there among some that there are some things that are just to hard, dangerous, difficult or unmanageable to work on fixing or to even attempt to fix.  That attitude seems to have developed over the work and the need that could be done on some of our Native American reservations.  There is real suffering and real abuse and real people, usually women that are dying and the Government wants nothing to do with it and neither it seems does the church.  There are countless places like that in the foreign mission fields as well.  It we strike off the places that are hard, dangerous, messy difficult or seemingly unmanageable from the globe, then we should only be doing mission work in England and the tourist areas of the global South.  If truth be told those places are hard, difficult and may be dangerous as well; we just have folks that seem to manage better in those situations.

I have said it before that we as Christians are not bound to success.  So if that is your interest in doing a mission project please confine your attention to your own congregation.  Hand your quilts out to your members and then you can see the outcome of what you have done.

I am thankful for folks like those at Benson and appreciate their Pastors work and all of the people dedication to some tough mission Projects. They support Project 24 and they support work with Pastor James Kollie of Liberia.  Neither one of these is easy, but the fact that these folks care means the world.

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