I came across an interesting statement on a blog concerning Acts 28;1-10.  Paul’s journey to go to Rome to finally be executed is a fascinating bit of travelogue and a lot happens in the ten verses.  The author stated that in the small section of history and time on Paul’s trip to Rome, he was considered a murderer, a god, and a hero.  The author wonders if anyone considered him a missionary?  I thought this was a great observation and it gets better.  Whatever people thought it became clear that the prisoner being transported was really in charge of the operation.  Of course we know that God was in charge and bringing about his purpose through the journey Paul was taking.  Between the wreck and the snakebite and the provisioning of a ship and healing sick people it is hard to see the hand of God but easy to see that Paul is the one in many ways setting the agenda by his obedience to what he believes to be the will of God.  He had that determined focus that he had exhibited when he was determined to go to Jerusalem even when everyone who was with him told him not too.  They thought he would probably be killed there.  As it was he was arrested.

So we may not always be able to see the hand of God in things that happen.  We can certainly not see the hand of God in public opinion.  We can understand what Paul meant when he told the Athenians that in Him (God) we live and move and have our being but we always need to look to see the hand of God in the Gospel, the Cross and God’s justification of the sinner for Christ’s sake.