We have followed John Kissinger, the director of Project 24 in Africa, as he came and set up a booth at the convention.  He has done some presentations and vising as well before he sets back to Kenya.  Here is a picture of kissinger at the lake probablt Detroit Lakes.

When I first came to The North country, no one “went to the lake” in the way the expression is used today.  If they went to the lake it was for a day or two or a fishing trip,  There were two little old ladies that went off and rented a place an spent a month fishing but they were the exception.  Gradually folks got lake cabins and some basically have a second home there.  Now just about everyone goes to the lake.  About 1/2 of the church is gone on Sunday because people go to the lake.  I talk to Pastors in Lake country and they have people that go to the lake too.  They tell me of people that live on one lake and go to another lake on the weekends.  They also tell me that those people from over my direction that claim to go to church when they go to the lake are pretty much fibbing.  I have talked to Pastors in resort areas around lake country that say the attendance in their churches actually goes down in the summer like it does over here.

I really get sick of hearing “we are going to the lake”, or “we went to the lake”.  Now Kissinger has been corrupted and will probably want to “go to the lake” when he gets back to Kenya.  Reject the temptation Kissinger.  You guys have crocodiles.