I wrote in my report to the Synod in 2016 about Human Care and our church these words – “the churches corporate life of mercy is not a complimentary frill that can be added on or taken off depending on the exigencies of other so called “needs”.  It cannot be separated from mission because mission is born from God’s mercy to sinful man.  It is not an ornament on our life together because our life together is born out of the sacramental life given by the One Who gave His life for all,  Caring for humans in their bodily need cannot be separated from caring for their spiritual need (James 2).  The BIM is working to reemphasize the “Mercy part of ” part of our life together.”

It is starting again to be debated and stated in our circles that the church is only about the proclamation of the Gospel and that acts of mercy should be in the purview of individual Christians  and that mercy work especially overseas is bad policy and worse theology.

We hear it among Pastors that the church as a local entity is suffering from lack of participation and offerings and that we need to regroup and practice good stewardship with the funds that we have and use them only for Gospel proclamation.  My assumption is that Gospel proclamation includes that Pastors salary and roof repairs and other sundry needs.

I have said that budgets doth make cowards of us all.  To make a corporate life of mercy the subject of a budget cut shows a lack of a certain Trinitarian conception that certainly is a part of our Lutheran heritage.

The more things change the more things remain the same.  We started this blog as a “mercy” blog for a reason and I guess we have to continue.