Our Project 24 partner representatives have left for Africa to attend the Dedication of the Minnesota North and North Dakota sponsored site at Lenkishon.  I wish that everyone who has ever given a gift to Project 24 could go along and be a part of this.  We will beg for pictures and videos to share, but we need to thank all of you and ask for contined support and prayer.

There have been trials and tribulations and fighting and fears within without over the years on both side of the ocean.  Though it all we have tried to remember that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ and that the churches work of mercy must go on.  I said in my report to the church at the last convention –

“The churches corporate life of mercy is not a complimentary frill that can be added on or taken off depending on the exigencies of other so called “needs”.  It cannot be separated from mission because mission is born from God’s mercy to sinful man.  It is not an ornament on our life together because our life together is born out of the sacramental life given by the One Who gave His life for all,  Caring for humans in their bodily need cannot be separated from caring for their spiritual need (James 2).  The Board for International Missions is working to reemphasize the “Mercy part of ” part of our life together.”

Project 24 is an important part of that mission.  Thank you LWML’s and congregations, individuals and Sunday Schools; all who have contributed in any way.