President Fondow of the Minnesota north District recommended this movie and so we watched it the other night.  It  is the true story of a Kenyan man that took the oath of the Mau Mau and fought to remove the British from Kenya back in the mid – fifties.  He was imprisoned and his family killed before Kenya was granted independance in 1963.  When the Government instituted free education “for all” the gentlemen in the movie decides to take advantage of the offer, and therein, as they say lies a tale.

It is a “ripping good yarn” and it has a lot of resonance with me since we have been trying as an adjunct of Project 24 to get school supplies and books to various church schools in Kenya.  Visiting the schools shows how much they value education and how hard they struggle to learn in some trying circumstances.

If you get a chance check this movie out.  It is good stuff.  With the Kenyan focus on trying to illiminate “tribal animosity” this film has an interesting approach.  To my recollection only three tribes are talked about – the Kikuyu the tribe from whom it is believed came most of the Mau Mau; the Kiseii and the Maasai.  that leaves according to my math about 42 tribes out.  That is ok.  As someone in the movie say’s, “since independence we are all Kenyans”.

Since we are all the body of Christ and all in this together, if you can figure out a way to get books over to Kenya cheaply, or if you are willing to help defray the cost of shipping please let me or your district office know.