I went into my back yard early this morning and it is already hot which I don’t mind but it is also very dry which I do.  There is need for rain that is on the verge of desperate.  This prayer I believe was from the Breslau Hymnal of 1555 but I’m not sure.

O faithful, true, and righteous God, who in Your faithful Word have indicated in the most comforting manner how a true, earnest, zealous, believing, and persistent prayer pierces mightily the clouds of heaven and not only comes with certainty before Your presence, but also is capable of much and accomplishes much: we poor children, in this unseasonable and exceedingly long-lasting period of heat and drought, come here at Your comforting indication, with our believing, sincere, and truly earnest prayers before the presence of Your high, divine majesty, humbly beseeching You that You would graciously hear us according to Your promise, kindly turn away form us Your great and relentless wrath, moisten again the sorely parched earth according to our need, and cause a nourishing rain from heaven to fall, drop down, and rain upon it agin, that it may bring forth and produce again the fruits committed to it for the necessary support of our temporal life, to which You appointed it with fatherly attention in the first creation. Now therefore, as at the earnest prayer of Your faithful servant and prophet Elijah opened again the heavens which You had shut, and caused rain to fall on the thirsty ground, so we look to You, that You might deal mercifully with us in this great dryness and heat, and with father care answer our earnest prayer, to Your own praise and to our salvation; through Jesus Christ, Your beloved Son, our only Savior and Redeemer. Amen.