community orgaizingSince we hired a community organizer to be the President of the United States it is fun to think about organizing and communities isn’t it?  Part of the reason that we live the way we do today is that words have pretty much lost their meaning and feelings are foremost.  Truth is relative and really unimportant. So let’s look at some communities and how they have been organized or not over the last 6 years under the organizer in Chief. The catering and party community in Democrat States have done very well, but how about some other communities? The Democrat Governor of Missouri got himself organized enough finally to destroy the Constitutional Rights of a police officer, while doing nothing to bring peace to the neighborhood in Ferguson. Lest anyone think I am being mean the Republican Party community can’t seem to organize itself into a coherent mess either.  It seems amorphous and silly but most public officials these days seem that way.

The Health and Human Services Community was organized enough to give us so called Health Care but after a couple of years no one really knows what it does, how it works or what it will really costs.  The only part of the organization that seems to work is the part that pays folks to sit around and answer phones that don’t ring and answer  questions that no one is asking.

The IRS can be called a community.  It is considered the largest collection agency in the world yet it so unorganized that it can’t find documents and doesn’t know who is investigating who.  It can’t tell us who started the investigations and the harassment of conservative groups but it can tell me that I need to pay another $20 on estimated tax bill.

The State Department is a community.  In fact that is how they refer to themselves,  How have they been organized over the past few years.  Well, under their organization NATO has pretty well been emasculated, the Soviet Union that was an ally in the war on terror is now an enemy again and the entire middle east is on the verge of becoming a Caliphate.

The Department (community) that runs Immigration and Naturalization has given up even the pretense of trying to protect the borders.  It is organized to move migrants into the interior of the country where Law enforcement cannot find them.

The Veterans Affairs Administration, a community charged with caring for veterans, became a criminal enterprise if reports are true that people were put on lists and never examined or cared for so that the community could make bonuses.  They organized to line their own pockets but they can’t organize to do better.  Today we find that 15,000 appointments were canceled recently so that they could cover the back log.  By the way why doesn’t the community of those who had loved ones die or have been harmed organize and riot and carry on? There are two possible answers – they are to busy working trying to make money and pay taxes to pay the bonuses for the idiots that couldn’t take care of their loved ones, or they are busy trying to organize groups like the “Wounded Warrior Fund” to do the work that we fund the Government to do.  Think of what useful dupes we are!  Not only do we pay or taxes, we give gifts to other groups to do the stuff that the government is supposed to do but wither can’t or won’t.  There is a group that needs to organize.  The useful dupe community.

The Department of Justice, a community that is supposed to investigate and make sure that the law is upheld is organized in such a way that it can’t find out any problems at the IRS, the State Department, the INS, the VA and on it goes.  At the same time it is organized enough to flood the field at Ferguson Missouri with more Federal Agents than there probably are on the Ferguson Police Department.

The best organized communities in the world right now have names like ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Al Queda etc. The organized rent a riot groups are doing well.  They have names like Occupy Wall Street.  Others are well organized but nameless.  One guy in Ferguson Missouri has been arrested 3 times.  He lives in Austin Texas and is part of the organized hoodlums that run around the country causing trouble so that Eric Holder can investigate.  It would be fun to find out who funds these folks.  Whoever or whatever that is must be well organized. So all you folks out there in a community somewhere take heart.  There is probably an organizer in your midst that will try and make things better if you give them a chance.  It doesn’t hurt to give them a few million dollars either.  Just remember their idea of making things better and yours may differ severely. I need to stop.  This is depressing.  It is a beautiful summer day and there are a few days of summer left so we should go on vacation.  Maybe Martha’s Vineyard?