fourfreedomsworshipThe trendy and the “hip” used to make fun of the “Norman Rockwell” vision of America and the world. I have heard it said that the 1950’s are gone and they are not coming back.  We hear sayings like “this isn’t your fathers political party etc.  At the same time some are complaining that it makes no difference how we vote because nothing ever changes.  In the last few months of political wrangling I have heard people say that it makes no difference who folks vote for because “the status quo will continue”.  Think of this little blurb I found in a magazine from 1951 –

“A bill to require daily Bible reading in the California public schools was the Assembly Education Committee to the State Board of Education for a two-year study. The study was proposed by the Assembly Education Committee after it had deadlocked 11-11 on the measure.”  Now I know that is from 65 years ago and ancient history but lets look at more recent developments.

Seven years ago police were heroes – now folks bait them to do something stupid while filming them with smart phones.

Ten years ago sexual identity and orientation issues that are applauded today were considered mental illness.

Ten  hears ago selling aborted baby parts to the highest bidder from coolers on street corners would have been looked upon with horror or at least the “ick” factor would be pretty high.  Today when it was uncovered, the people who revealed it were prosecuted, and the folks who perpetrated it got prime time speeches at a major party convention.

I don’t know how much more things can change but in my world these are pretty major developments.  65 years ago they were thinking about making reading the Bible mandatory in public schools.  Today the California Education folks are trying to destroy the freedom of private religious schools to teach according to the dictates of their faith.  That is change and no way a change for the better.