The LWML Convention for the North Dakota District had some interesting moments for me and a lot of surprises,  One of the interesting things was wandering through a bewildering array of columns and figures that represented the amount of mites that were given over the biennium from LWML units throughout the State (District).  Mites are by definition not a great deal of money.  They are accumulated nickels and dimes and quarters placed in small mite boxes plus checks from ladies who might have forgotten their boxes.  They are offering of others who see the bigger mite box in many churches and give something as well.  Many might think of them as insignificant; that is after all what the word “mite” means, but to see them in the aggregate, the accumulated seemingly inconsequential gifts reach pretty impressive proportions.  To see their effects in various places around the world makes them even more fantastic.  But what I found to be bittersweet was the amount that was given by units who had ceased to be units because of  lack of members  who gave to LWML mites even though they technically were no longer “functioning”.  That is heart warming and instructive.  There are still those who see the LWML’s work and want to be a part of it.  They see the mission and they respond.

The other thing that I found interesting was the amount of expressions of thanks to so many, for so many things.  These found expression in recognition from the Chair and, fascinating to me, in written cards, many often  hand made.  But here is the fascinating angle.  They are handwritten in the most  beautiful cursive writing that I have seen since my mother’s handwriting.  I had two thank you cards that are really works of art.  I was also given a beautiful cursive written letter in a frame that had painstakingly reproduced the lyrics to the song that I had written for the LWML a few years ago.

I was cogitating on these things when the LWML Young Women’s Representatives gave there enthusiastic report on their trip to the LWML Convention in Albuquerque NM  and their intention to continue in the LWML.  They were all about the age of my nephew who, upon receiving my Mother’s beautifully written card congratulating him on his graduation from college, asked me to translate the note in the card because, he could not read it.  So among all the other planning that the LWML has to do, (they are planning the next convention as they clean up after this one), they must plan for the day when their thank you cards to the young women representatives will have to be done in printing, or by email or twitter.  It might be progress in the scheme of things, to have vivacious new members, but it will be a sad day none the less.