Yesterday I mentioned the abortion clinic in south Bend Indiana was called the Women’s Pavilion.  The Dr. who ran the place recently died and they found over 2000 preserved dead babies in his home.  Well it was 2,246 dead babies, but they are dead babies so who is counting?  Above is a picture of a protester at the clinic with a large sign with words of Law and Gospel.  As you can see the counter protester with the sign about a weird hobby.  In other words protesting mass murder is weird unless it is the folks that want to take guns away from law abiding citizens, and then it is OK.

So my question – which is the weirder hobby?  Standing around an abortion clinic protesting murder, or sitting around your home enjoying your dead baby collection?

There is I guess, some kind of good news in the news report on the hobby of the abortion Doctor.  One little phrase struck me. The sheriff’s office said authorities found 2,246 preserved fetal remains but there’s no evidence medical procedures were performed at the home.  Well that is something I guess.