Todays Gospel lesson talks about John the Baptist in prison wondering if Jesus is the Messiah, or “should we look for someone else.  The question is did John know Jesus was the Messiah?  Evidently there is a battle going on the blogosphere regarding who knew what about the Son of God and the Savior of the world,

Somehow the discussion got started in an article from that newspaper out East. According to the Washington Post, the Christmas song “Mary, Did You Know” should be tabled because talking about Mary’s virginity is part of purity culture, which is destructive for rape victims.

From there the discussion moved to the nature of the song “Mary DId You Know?  The memes that have been created are hilarious.  Even the grumpy cat gets into the act.

Yes she knew because God told her.  God told the Baptist too and the Baptist told people and prepared Christ’s way.  Jesus told the disciples and still after the resurrection some doubted.  God told you too, so what do you know?

Have some fun and read the site below.  We will explore this further.