LCMS World RelliefThis was the Logo for, obviously, World Relief and Human Care.  I may be biased but in my humble opinion LCMSWRHC changed, revitalized, invigorated and engaged the church in amazing ways.  The Theology of Mercy was a staggering concept for many folks, myself one of them.  To see laid out point by point, that mercy and care for the neighbor is not only a Biblical principle and mandate, it is thoroughly Lutheran.  To see the history of mercy in the early church and Luther’s foundational understanding of care for the neighbor was transformative.  To see the sacramental nature of our response to the needs of neighbors near and far from Paul’s collection for the poor, is incredibly humbling and motivating.  Understanding that Christ gave himself to me whole and entire so that I can give myself whole and entire to my neighbor is stunning.  To be told that in Baptism’s merciful washing I am free to live a merciful life is motivating.

For some reason we are loosing or have lost the brand.  When the church was restructured everything came under one heading and that was missions.  Mission is fundamental but so is mercy.  We can’t forsake one without hurting the other, and we cannot fund one without understanding the needs of the other.