DSCN0125Pastor Karl Webber checks out the Boarding Facility near Kisumu.  First it was called Mamba Leo then Tumaini.  Don’t know why the name was changed but that is not my call.  It is important to know that these are now called Boarding facilities rather than Rescue Centers and the reason is that rescue center gives the impression that these are orphanages and they are not.  I have in my presentation always explained that this is a place for a child to live safely while at school before going back to their families.  Even children that have lost both parents have families and clans that they are connect to and need to be in touch with.  Also the African idea of “orphan” is different that ours.  I would be considered an orphan because my Father is dead and I am 60+.

If you get a chance talk to Pastor Webber about his visit and impressions please do so.