manger scene by Halliday

 This is one of those things that bring me up short on occasion.  We decorated the All Faith’s Chapel and for years I have looked at and found interesting the above manger scene.  It is childish enough to be cute and yet it has a quality about it that really brings the feeling of the season home, at least to me.  Every time I look at it I think of it as primitive and yet quite exquisite.  There is enough detail that you know what the scene is and yet the figures are stark enough that you supply the narrative.  That is what good art should do.  The lack of detail makes me supply the cold and the loneliness and the conflicting emotions that must have gone through Mary and Joseph.  The attitude of the single shepherd appears protective and inquisitive and literally – cold.

Anyway it is lovingly put away every year and brought out again and it is stored in a shoe box with instructions as to where it is placed in the chapel.  On the box is written a note that says it was made by an individual that volunteered to help with crafts years ago of whom I have totally lost track.  I want to make sure that it is the correct person and thank them .. If you think you did this let me know.