jesus in temple

The Lessons from last Sunday from 1 Kings 3:4-15; Ephesians 1:3-14; Luke 2:40-52 are really about the dominion of God and fearing, loving and trusting in God above all things.  Jesus in the temple as a young boy needed to be in the Father’s house and already then shows that He feared, loved and trusted the Father above all things.

The dominion of God is the idea that He is in charge of all things. The full glory of God’s dominion is expressed in Scripture. The reason that it expresses his dominion is because it comes to us in history. It also comes to us as history.  The marking of the new years is simply that – a way of marking time.  Looking at the days passing as time in the hands of God is a way of worship.  The hearing and the study of Scripture is important for as Martin Franzmann wrote, “it has a history, being the crown and fulfillment of God’s previous actions and promises; it is history – the recital of the mighty works of God that made in that epochal history when God dealt decisively with the sin of man in his servant Jesus of Nazareth; and it makes history – it is the word of the Lord and the Spirit of the Lord moves creatively in it.  It calls upon men to turn, and turns them, and thus catches man up into God’s last great movement in history toward God’s last goal”.

That goal is to unite all things in Christ in heaven and on earth.