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A portion of the Cemetery at Willow Creek – Then people who lived in the wooded area at the top of the picture took their children to school in a bobsled in the winter.  It seems to be about 10 miles as the crow flies to the school in Gardena.

I was reminiscing about a story that Robert Preus told about being stuck in a blizzard overnight some where around Warren or Thief River Minnesota if my memory serves.  I thought of all the times I have been stuck or have driven through some really bad weather.  The memories were fed by a story that my mother told us on the cemetery tour (see August 22, “The Organ at Willow”).  She said that the people that used to live just to the north of the cemetery at Willow Creek ND took their children to Gardena to school every morning in the winter by bobsled and picked them up every night by the same.  Not a big deal back then but in my mind a huge deal especially in light of this letter received about the blog.

I would love to hear the history of that huge organ.  We saw it on a particularly
stormy, muddy congregational anniversary Sunday.  The roads out to the church were
an exercise for those who think they can drive on and in anything! I was amazed when
I saw the organ and would have loved to have heard someone really open it up!!It
fairly dwarfs the whole sanctuary!  What a gem in an often forgotten and not easily
gotten to part of the world!

If you can help with the history please let me know.