CerdenolaThis is President Cerdenola of the Lutheran Church of the Philippines.  There should be a diacritical mark over the “n” in his name but I can’t figure out how to do that so…..

So try and follow this – LWML President Kaye is traveling in the Philippines with Deaconess Grace Rao.  Grace is a marvelous friend and she is from India.  When I was in India I met Mr. Ravi Jesupathan who is another wonderful Christian and great witness to the love of Christ who is also a friend of Grace.  Mr. Ravi took me to the Seminary at Nagercoil where I was told to greet Ron Carnicom when I got back to the States.  Ron Carnicom was at Nagercoil doing something at the Seminary and Ron was the Pastor at Great Bend North Dakota for years before he took the call and went to Minnesota North and served at Backus.  He took the Backus Parish after the death of Norm Sincebaugh who became the Pastor there after being term limited out of the North Dakota District Presidency.  Don Fondow is the President of the Minnesota North District.  Mr’s Sincebaugh was the District President of the LWML in North Dakota and was also term limited out and Kaye was elected North Dakota District LWML President.  Now Kay is National LWML President and she is visiting with President Cerdenola who was term limited out of the Presidency of that Church body and told Kay to greet President Fondow.

Anyway Christian service has no term limits and we continue to pray for Kay in her travels.