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I Guess False Doctrine Really Is Dangerous

Recently I stumbled upon a video on Facebook. This video must be making the rounds, because pastors have shared it in two Facebook Groups of which I am a part. In this video, a former Christian asserts that Jesus is a liar. He proves this from a single verse.

This is the verse: “Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place,” (Matthew 24:34 ESV).

The unbeliever explains that Christians believe that they are waiting for the cataclysmic end times, which will begin with the Rapture. He mentions briefly how the Rapture traumatized him as a kid. Then, he goes on to describe all the horrible things that are supposed to follow the Rapture. Clearly, this man was raised in a Dispensational Pre- Millennialist home.

The unbeliever says that Matthew chapter 24 describes the end times. Then, Jesus says that his generation won’t pass away until all this stuff happens. He says with a smirk, “He’s two thousand years too late.”

Now, it is pretty easy to demolish this guy’s argument. If Dispensational Pre-Millennialism is wrong, then the argument holds no water. Furthermore, he assumes that the 24th chapter of Matthew is all about the end times. However, it is far more likely that Matthew 24:3-34 isn’t about the end times at all, but rather about the events of the first century leading up to God’s judgment against Jerusalem carried out by Rome, albeit dressed up in some poetic, apocalyptic language. See the excellent commentary on this text by Jeff Gibbs in the Concordia Commentary series. If those verses describe the events leading up to the fall of Jerusalem, then Jesus’ predictions are absolutely true.

But instead of picking apart this guy’s argument, let’s take a step back and look at him with empathy. This man is clearly a victim of false doctrine. He was raised in a faith community that puts eschatology at the center, rather than justification by faith alone. He was directed to focus on the frightening future of mankind and not on Jesus dying in our place. He was given a very shoddy interpretation of the Bible, which led him to conclude that Jesus is a liar.

All I can conclude is this: I guess false doctrine really is dangerous, after all. Yes, you can make theological mistakes and still be saved, but that doesn’t mean that false doctrine isn’t dangerous. Just look at what some bad theology did to this poor fellow. May God have mercy on him and give him the light of the truth!

We are approaching Reformation Day. Let that festival give us a moment to reflect on the importance of pure doctrine and let us thank God that, in spite of the lies of the Devil and the world, the truth of God’s Word still remains, and God’s truth is still liberating poor, miserable sinners (John 8:31-32).

In Christ,
Rev. Alexander Lange