I google chaos and this came up – I thought it was pretty neat.

Thought it was cute, but this is serious.  This is the closing quote from “The Church at Work in The World at War”.

Down through  the centuries there have been wars undertaken in the firm conviction that they would “end war”, “abolish nepotism and imperialism,” “make the world safe for democracy,” “overcome injustice,” “eliminate misery,” and “bring about a more adequate distribution of the things  which belong to all mankind.” But we as Christians know that all these efforts have been futile and will continue to be futile until we can put the Spirit of Christ into the hearts of men. Only this will make this world a better place to live  in. To do this we must ask God for a large measure of his holy spirit for our own lives. We must begin to think not only as individuals but as a church in terms of larger horizons. We must recapture the Saviors vision of world conquest “go into all the world.” Today we see the world as it was in the beginning, a chaotic, shifting, seething mass over which there hovers a great darkness. It is through us that God wants to move over the face of the world with his Holy Spirit to bring order out of spiritual chaos and to re-create men and women in this world into a faint semblance of what they were before sin entered. The hour is at hand.

That is powerful stuff and it is as true today as it was then.