Luther was aware of the tenuous nature of life and also God’s control of all things.  He realized how quickly we could be translated into the Kingdom of Light.  As we remember our blessed dead we also remember Luther’s consolation and encouragement for those who were dying.

God will not forsake you. He is not a tyrant who holds a good, crude blunder against you either, not even blasphemy when you are in distress, or denial of God, such as Peter committed and Paul too. Do not be disturbed by people to whom Christ is just a joke and a laughingstock . . . they live on, certain of everything and untroubled by the devil. Why should he bother them? They already belong to him. You and I are the ones he would like to seize. Now how will he do that? He will continue attacking you with small things until he gets to your substance. But resist him. He who is with us is greater than he who is in the world.