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This comes under the heading of “stuff I learned while looking for something else”.  I saw this quote somewhere and of course can’t find it now.  If anyone knows where this came from please let me know – it stands for itself…………..

“Whatever the number comes to, this much is clear: “more people go to church on Sunday in China than in the whole of Europe.”  China appears to be home to more evangelical believers than any other nation, and the church continues to grow and make inroads in every level of Chinese society, from the peasant farmers and factory workers to party officials and the cultured elite. While still laboring under persecution and official harassment, tested by many temptations, and occasionally upset by heresy, the church in China has courageously continued to worship and obey the triune God. Although none of us knows how history might turn as God works out his redemptive purpose, the church in China is already emerging not just as a place of vibrant Christian faith but a significant missionary force in the world.  And yet, as Chinese ministry leaders and informed visitors clearly and consistently report, the need for church development is both profound and urgent both for the health of the church in China and the future of Christianity in the world.”