Dr. Baneck in Kenya

Dr. Baneck recently celebrated 25 years in the ministry, the first 6 years of which were spent in Kimball MN.  There is our connection.  A very good organist he recently played for the wedding of Roger and Joanne Drevlow’s daughter Erin.  The Drevlow’s son is a Pastor in Breackinridge and Joanne went to Kenya back in 2005.  The connections are all over the place.  Congratulations and God’s continued blessings on Dr. Baneck who was instrumental in making Project 24 an official emphasis of our District.  I missed the celebration that was recently held in his honor but I am sure it was day of remembrance and joy, and I here offer my congratulations and prayers for the future.  I never sent a card so I hereby offer to Rev. Baneck some instructions on how to eat his favorite food.  For you pleasure – “How to Eat Ugale……….

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