This is a picture of two of my friends – Carlos Hernandez on the right and Bill Sharpe.  They represented the District and the Synod at the flooding in Minot and Bismarck a few years back.  Bill passes away last week just before he was to begin a regime of treatment for and aggressive cancer.  This is the announcement from our District President.

It has pleased almighty God in his good and wise providence to call the soul of our
brother in Christ, Bill Sharp, to himself in heaven in the sure and certain hope of
the resurrection to eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Bill was to begin his radiation treatment today at 12PM. But God called him home
before all this and spared his life a difficult road. Now we must follow in his way
trusting in the same promises that have been delivered to us in the gospel. We
commend his soul to God and so too ourselves as we now live in the promises of God
every day of our lives.

Funeral will be Monday April 10th at 11AM. There will be a prayer service Sunday