Marvin Mosolf is having an 80th birthday reception today at Trinity Lutheran Church from 2-4.  He is asking for NO gifts which to me makes NO sense.  I always say if you have to have a birthday anyway you might as well get all the presents that you can.  Marvin has been one of those steady folks that have always been there when you need him. He and his wife are very supportive of missions and have been very helpful with the Mary Okeyo Scholarship fund.

I came to Zion English, Grafton and Trinty, Drayton in 1978.  I never thought about how long it been until I started to marry the children that I had baptized and confirmed and then started baptizing their children.  The other thing that makes one stop and pause is these 80th birthdays that keep popping up.  When I was installed as his Pastor, this gentleman was 46 years old.  I remember going out to his farm and he had a great looking racing boat.  It was like those “cigarette boats” that they made so much fun of one of our presidents for having.  I also remember everytime his wife would call to him that day I turned around and looked because my Dad’s name was Marvin too.  They probably thought I was strange.  They probably still do.

Anyway if you can make it come over to Trinity from 2-4 and visit with Marvin.  No presents please.

Marvin Mosolf