It is not a good idea to give an inch to someone who wants a pound of flesh.

When speaking to idiots “tongue in cheek” you might begin to misunderstand what you yourself are saying.

I always kept a journal when I traveled because folks told me that what I would remember happening probably didn’t and what I forgot was probably the truth.  The problem is I can’t read my writing.  That is how contemporaneous gets to be extemporaneous.

I have tried to practice disambiguation all of my life.  It is not clear yet if I have succeeded.

I gave up on math as a young child when I was told I had three apples and if I multiplied them by 0 I had no apples at all.  That bit of legerdemain soured me on nullities.  That is why I’m not crazy about congress.

Some times a person has so many things to say in so little time that multiple insights into what goes on in a jangled mind are evident.  A recent news commentator was talking of congress and the work going on there and he was trying to talk about Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.  What came out was a discussion of Marco Polio.

English is weird.  Look what happens when you exchange a b for a c.  Boughs, pronounced like cow, are tree branches -coughs, pronounced like lofts, are noises from the throat with or without expectoration- so if I cough am I having a cow?

Is it possible to be so well known that your history precedes you?

I announced to my people during the worship service that we were going to read the Psalm Responsibly.  They didn’t.

I wanted the best suit and got the worsted.

John is waiting for his tax cut and Jill is waiting for her cat tux.

If it is an “untold true story”, how do we know it is true?  How do we know about it at all?

People misuse “exacerbate” and “exasperate” all the time.  They use the words interchangeably.  I get exacerbated when people do that.