Just when I thought the curmudgeon was calming down another birthday rolls around and idiocy ensues,  There is just too much stuff out there to keep curmudgeonliness quiet.  There are so many glittering gems of idiocy out there that scream for some kind of derision but of course on a mercy blog we are to be kind.  It is my birthday and thank you for all the cards and the shout outs and well wishes so please indulge me in a birthday rant.

One of the glittering gems of the last administration who voted for a communist back in the day brought up on one of his megalomaniacal rants a word that sent to assembled news folks to their google searches or to a dictionary if they had one.  The word was kakistocracy, which of course had, the assembled throngs having seizures because it has (gasp) five syllables.  It means a society ruled or led by the worst.  Now this fellow was going after one big person but what he was revealing was a deeper truth than he knew.  He was mad at the individual because of things he said but the ugly fact revealed is that the true kakistocracy exists and has for a long time not just in the things that folks say, but what they do and believe.  A society is ruled not just by politicians but by entertainers and the vast bunch of jobbers that supposedly work in government positions.  But there is more to the idea of rule and that is opinion  makers and the folks that respond to polls.

Right now the rule exists in a large group of people who seemingly cannot run computer networks, servers, voting machines or keep track of emails.  These folks can find your bank statements over the past twenty years in about five seconds and they can track conversations that you have over your phone but they can’t find emails from really special folks like the heads of the IRS, FBI, or major political parties.  What is even better is the folks that have a track record of incompetence for over twenty years and have been “written up” for their stupidity and yet retain their jobs.

Then we have the commentators, those that are supposedly around to make sense of the world in which we live and who are so stupid that they should be exposed for the frauds that they are and sent back to some remedial education center for the terminally dumb.  There were numerous folks the other day who actually said that the Senate races had been poisoned by gerrymandering.  Was it fair, one of them said that a State like North Dakota got two Senators?  Now I am sorry but if that its your opinion and you do not understand why every State gets two Senators, you do not belong anywhere near a microphone  commenting on politics, the constitution, or the weather as far as I am concerned.  Then we had a newly elected congress person that lamented that it was hard to pay for a place to stay in Washington D.C. when she wouldn’t get a check until January.  This is a person that will be developing spending  bills next year.

Speaking of the weather, there is the genius I heard the other morning who said that usually this time of the year in the Northern tier of the US, we can expect colder weather.  Really?

A commercial – “If you or someone you loved has died in a car crash”……………

I had a whole bunch of these written down  but I cannot bring myself to write – I want to enjoy the day – thanks again for the birthday wishes.