All SaintsI wrote a couple of days ago about Carol Voecks and her impact on my life.  Her Pastor was Pastor Chepulis and he is a very good preacher.  This is a portion of the sermon that he delivered for Carol and for all of us.  All Saints Sunday is an important day in our church.  It is a day of remembrance and bitter sweet for many.  Here is a portion of Pastors message.


In a couple of days the Church will celebrate All Saints’ Day.  Carol is what a saint of God looks like.  They’re not great or mighty people.  They don’t do flashy miracles.  They don’t buy their way into heaven.  In the eyes of some, they’re weak and unassuming, suffering and hurting.  But blessed are the poor, the meek, the lowly for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.  They live by faith and their reward isn’t on earth.  God’s saints are counted holy, innocent, and righteous for Jesus’ sake where it counts: in the eyes of God.  They receive all Christ’s benefits, are made His brothers and sisters, through faith in Jesus’ work of salvation in His cross and empty tomb.

We will see Carol again.  For just as the Jesus was raised from the dead, so will He come and raise Carol’s body from her sleep.  Her soul, now, is with the Lord in Paradise, but on the last day, when Christ returns in glory, He will raise Carol’s body so that she will live forever, with a body that will never suffer pain or anguish again.  On that day, He will call out to her, “Carol, wake up.  It’s time to go home, for you are one of mine.”

The Lord claimed Carol in her baptism, He remembered her, He has redeemed her.  She is the Lord’s and His promises will go answered.  Until that time, we look to the horizon for His coming.  What a glorious day that will be!  Reunion.  Laughter.  Joy.  Take heart, have hope, the Day of our Lord is closer than it once was.  Amen.