I just found out about this picture the other day.  Most of the group were in the compound on one of the first days that we were in Kenya.  Annie and Stephanie went out of the compound to take pictures (something I didn’t want them to do alone) but…..

Evidently they found this little boy up on the hillside all alone reading a book, something that we would come to find is unusual because  many of these children don’t have books (see the blogs about Concordia Gospel Ministries).  They went up and visited and took a picture of his book – I promise this was not a set up.

We talk about this body of Christ concept and here we have two young women who traveled half way around the world to try and do something to help spread the good news of salvation and to help with mercy work among at risk children and they run into a child reading a story about Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.