There is a strange section from the apostle Paul where he talks about a rock that followed the people of Israel and the rock was Christ.  When Moses struck it the first time out gushed water for the people to drink and live.  That foreshadowed Christ, the stricken shepherd and rock, and His once and for all sacrifice.  Toward the end of the journey Moses is told to talk to the rock foreshowing our ability to come to Him in prayer and confession and receive mercy because of His once and for all sacrifice.  Instead he strikes it again and because of that act he is not allowed into the promises land.  Scholars submit that Moses was refused entry because he had destroyed the type, the image that the rock represented.  There is, also, in the story from Exodus 17 the image of baptism.  One of the ancient church Fathers –

Tertullian – De Baptismo (ANF 3:9) – “This is the water which flowed continuously
down for the people from the ‘accompanying rock;’ for if Christ is ‘the Rock,’
without doubt we see Baptism blest by the water in Christ.  How mighty is the grace
of water, in the sight of God and His Christ, for the confirmation of Baptism!
Never is Christ without water: if, that is, He is Himself baptized in water;
inaugurates in water the first rudimentary displays of His power, when invited to
the nuptials; invites the thirsty, when He makes a discourse, to His own sempiternal
water; approves, when teaching concerning love, among works of charity, the cup of
water offered to a poor (child); recruits His strength at a well; walks over the
water; willingly crosses the sea; ministers water to His disciples.  Onward even to
the Passion does the witness of Baptism last:  while He is being surrendered to the
cross, water intervenes; witness Pilate’s hands:  when He is wounded, forth from His
side bursts water; witness the soldier’s lance.”