I am getting some wonderful comments from all over the place on the blog for August 20 on organizations.  Please check it out to read some that came to the site.  I have many more by email which I still don’t understand but that is OK.  Many are coming from the LWML’ers out there who say that they can’t get anyone to come to the meetings but many women, especially young women will do all kinds of projects that have to do with service.  There has to be a good mix out there somewhere.  We have women who recognize the value of by-laws and procedures which are great first article gifts and needed in a fallen world.  There are others that really only care about “doing”.  To serve the Lord with Gladness we probably need both.  Part of it is being able to give permission to do things outside of the norm of what “we have always done”.  There is nothing worse than getting excited about “doing something” and getting the cold “we’ve never done anything like that before” stare. 

I would love to have some input from LWMLers that have walked this tightrope and are making the issues raised in the blog work for them and the furtherance of the Kingdom in our Life Together.