Today there will be a Capstone presentation by the undergraduate students of the Business School at Concordia St Paul (CSP) in Minnesota. The students
used Project 24 and CCC-K as their business case study for this semester. Rev Dennis McManus will be our sole in-person representative for Project 24 and
will be present in the classroom when the students present. Thank you Pr. McManus!  John Wolf writes that “this has been a blessed opportunity that God has led us to connect with a group where Project 24 can help the students learn about business practices and in turn provide us a perspective on the future of Project 24.  For some students (including the class leader), this will be one of their final projects before graduation on December 14th.  The students are grateful for the opportunity to learn about Project 24/CCC-K and are excited to provide this presentation.  This is an interesting concept and will be a learning experience for many of us.  In all it’s ups and downs Project 24 has plodded along with one thought in mind, and that is to help at risk children in Kenya receive and education and the saving knowledge of Christ.