John Halake is the General Secretary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya.  He is finishing some course work at Concordia Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Having no place to go at Easter he came to Drayton,  North Dakota and spent some time with Roger Weinlader, one of the founders of Project 24.  Roger has a seed company on the Red River that is the border between Minnesota and North Dakota.  He came to church on Maunday Thursday, Good Friday and Easter and spent the rest of his time loading seed bags.

John always bragged that as a young man he lived on one glass of milk a day.  His home in Marsibit has been undergoing a long drought and he was amazed at driving for miles and miles through fields flooded by the Red River.

John is a great friend and partner in the Gospel.  While staying in Drayton he was also working on course work, a paper on the “End Times”.  When I asked what the point of the paper was he said that “while we are waiting for Christ to come and judge the living and the dead, He is already here in the Sacraments”.  Good point that.  He is also present with us “in the body which is His church”.  Partnerships and friendships with people like John reinforce that merciful gift of God everyday.