Political –



of, relating to, or concerned with politics :

political writers.

of, relating to, or connected with a political party:

a political campaign.

exercising or seeking power in the governmental or public affairs of a state, municipality, etc.:

a political machine; a political boss.

of, relating to, or involving the state or its government:

a political offense.

having a definite policy or system of government:

a political community.

of or relating to citizens:

political rights.
I finding it passing strange that a certain political party who has sought for over a half of century to control every aspect of public life in the United States, from gun control, to health care to environmental regulations and interference in the business section, to the control of education, travel, and the internet, and much more, when in trouble for reasons like malfeasance or misfeasance in health care or let’s say veterans, or when their minions are caught selling baby parts out of a cooler accuse the other political party of “playing politics”.