I have received many emails from missionaries, Bible translators , aid workers and others from around the world and  it is sad.  Between the terrorist threats, outright war and the Ebola outbreak there is a lot of chaos and misery out there.

LCMS Disaster Relief has given grants in East Africa to try and stop the Ebola Virus from spreading.

Folks in Minnesota and North Dakota are aware of Pastor Kollie in Liberia.  He has been at Pastor’s conferences and visited in several places. Here is a letter from him.

Please pray with us as we come to a very difficult time of life in our ministry here at Cotton Tree. My family very much careful and still saved. However, We have Ebola now in Cotton Tree. The total of 15 persons died in 8 days already. Some members have lost the family members. A sister from our church lost her 17 year old daughter yesterday. This morning, the news reports that in north of Cotton Tree, there is a house full of 9 all sick. > The government is coming to barricade us. We will not go out for 21 days until all are cleared. Please pray with us for his provision during these time of hardship. I will not go out into the city anymore to find supplies for my family. We are on the way to close the church during these days. > > > > Prayer is all we need. > > The Lord’s protective hand is over us and my home. > > Pastor Kollie