John the baptist pointing

Luther holds up John the Baptist as the finger of God. “Let us look to the mouth and finger of John with which he bears witness and points, so that we do not close our eyes and lose our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; for to the present day John still very diligently, faithfully, and richly points and directs us here, in order that we may be saved.”

I get to give my churches the finger this Sunday.  In Advent I am given the finger and am blessed.  Everything John does is to point as the finger of God to God’s Son.

If you want to have fun and can afford the time in this busy season – I know how busy you all are – I hear it constantly – but if you can afford a few minutes, Google “John the Baptist pointing figure” and go to images.  It is stunning.  John looks like a guy flashing gang signs.  In very artists rendition John is pointing.  Somewhere in the picture will be Jesus or the cross.