Romans 14

The quote I had written down but never cited was from Charles Spurgeon.  He wrote a devotional  book called “Morning and Evening”.  The citation was from a devotional based on Romans 14.  The point of the devotion was to answer a question – why are believers still here?  Why did God not take them to heaven immediately upon coming to faith.  He says,

“The answer is—they are here that they may “live unto the Lord,” and may bring others to know his love. We remain on earth as sowers to scatter good seed; as ploughmen to break up the fallow ground; as heralds publishing salvation. We are here as the “salt of the earth,” to be a blessing to the world. We are here to glorify Christ in our daily life. We are here as workers for him, and as “workers together with him.”
Let us see that our life answereth its end. Let us live earnest, useful, holy lives, to “the praise of the glory of his grace.”