There is a Finnish scholar who writes about Luther’s Theology of the Cross and how it reflects reality.  Theologies of glory are worrisome especially in times like these when everything is topsy turvy and there seems be no anchor stone.  We lay awake at night confounded by what we are told, denied, asked to believe, asked to not believe, asked to trust and suspect.  It is getting to be a bit much.  Here is Heino 0. Kadai –

Luther’s theology is – and Lutherans would do well to heed this – Christocentric. Man’s relationship to God depends on the saving event of the cross of Christ. Without Incarnation and Atonement he would be in sin and thus alienated from God. Luther’s theology is also revelation oriented. God meets man in the cross of Jesus Christ. Now His gracious revelation continues in the word, the Holy Scriptures. God also offers His gracious forgiveness in the sacraments of baptism and the eucharist. Again Luther’s theology is faith-centered. It does not seek support in reason, philosophy, or metaphysical speculation. One apprehends salvation, healing, and new life through faith alone. The affairs of the world may often confound the Christian, but he can – and this in spite of what he may see or hear – believe by grace in God’s gracious presence.