car in SudanIrony.  Maybe I am using the word the wrong way but the picture seems a bit ironical.

Maybe I am using the word wrongly but to have a women that was a Secretary of State say that there is a special place in hell for women that don’t help other women to me is ironical, when the women she is referring to wouldn’t help a bunch of men survive in Benghazi.    It is also ironic when little women baby parts are sold on street corners out of coolers and these old ladies say that if you think that is bad you are like the Taliban that likes to shoot little women in the face if they try and go to school.

It is ironical that these old women went after young women and said that they are busy chasing boys and that is why they support Bernie Sanders.  Maybe they are supporting Bernie Sanders because folks of their ilk (the old ladies) have raised them to believe that they are entitled to all kinds of free stuff including abortifacients  so that they can’t give birth to any more little women.

It is ironical that these old women who talked about freeing the minds of women, get really upset when women make up their own minds and choose not to blindly follow these shrill harpies of the old days.  As I like to say, irony can be pretty ironical sometimes.