This sign shows the interesting question that Matthew 28 brings up in mission work.  Some might wonder why this is a big deal or might be a topic for discussion at all.  Jesus commands us to go and make  disciples so we should just do it, right?

Well here is the issue.  When the emphasis is placed upon “go” we lose sight of the fact that the important emphasis of the passage is on making disciples.  Calling this passage the Great Commission focuses on a command to go rather than on the disciple making that Christ is really promoting .

“When we focus attention on the command to ‘go’—which has been interpreted geographically to mean to go to foreign lands. This concentration on the activity of going has led, however, to an over-shadowing of other important New Testament emphases found here in summary form. Here, in the context of resurrection, are Christology, the Church and its Mission, the Church and Its Life in Its Lord.” (Russell C Tuck, “The Lord Who Said Go : Some Reflections on Matthew 28 : 16-20,”)

“The New Testament usage does not convey the more contemporary understanding that every Christian or “disciple” or “committed” Christians should go on a short-term mission trip, or necessarily that mission societies should send people. The main sense of Matthew 28:19-20 is to “make disciples” wherever you are at due to your vocation”, according to Dr. Al Colver is a paper called   “LOEHE: MISSION SOCIETIES, THE CHURCH IN MOTION AND MISSIO DEI.”