When I was a little boy I was taught that human beings are thinking animals. When I became a teacher of young people I began to realize that they were being taught that they are feeling machines.
In “2001 a Space Oddessy ” the computer “Hal” is being unplugged, put to sleep, disconnected, or dying, depending on your perspective. As more and more of his memory is removed he goes back to his creator and sings the first song he was taught, “a bicycle fit for two”.

There is something remarkably sad about that scene and the idea of the last conscious thought being the first words uttered. How many folks will go to eternity with their last thought “me” or “mine”? I would like to think that the words might be “please” and “thank you” but that might be too much to hope for.
I would hope the last conscious thought would be a prayer.  Luther we pray because of our own and neighbors great need, and thanksgiving for blessings received.  He also said that the Gospel disappears because of unthankfulness.